VR Escape Room Experience - Manor of Escape

In his frightening manor, the crazy Count Malin has been conducting horrible experiments with inter-dimensional science and terrifying animals. Do you dare to visit the home of the crazy scientist? In the middle of the night, strange cries can be heard coming from his villa. Some residents have gone missing, and the town has become restless. The townspeople have had enough of Count Malin and his manor.

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Count Malin is dead set on pursuing his bizarre notions about discovering life in other realms. The Count is said to have established a doorway to another dimension, according to rumors. Your squad has been assigned by the mayor with investigating the mansion and putting an end to his wicked practices. You only have till midnight to stop the mad man!

Escape Des Moines, Iowa - Manor of Escape. Fun things to do in Des Moines, IA. Escape Room Experience.

Manor of Escape pushes the boundaries of immersive, thrilling, horror-themed escape room experiences, featuring puzzle-solving and exhilarating action only possible in virtual reality. Stop the wicked Count from accomplishing his research!

Escape Room in Des Moines, Iowa - Manor of Escape. Things to do in Des Moines, Escape Room Experience.