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Virtual Reality Sport Tournaments

Esport, a form of sport competition using video games, is no longer a new thing, especially among teenagers and young adults. However, Virtual Reality is still quite unfamiliar to the majority. Therefore, at RezBlue Virtual Reality Arena, we're proud to be one of the very first VR competitive hosts of the new gaming era.

With virtual reality, you're not only enjoying playing video games but also being physically active. It brings the immerse of playing video games that you could only find in VR.

VR, The Next Gaming Level

The immerse from Gaming in Virtual Reality is what makes it become The Next Gaming Level. Gaming in VR isn't just about looking at a flat screen because it transforms the entire reality into the virtual gaming world.


Gaming in VR isn't just about using your fingers with controllers either because it involves a lot of physical activities where you play as the game avatar. You have to fight, dodge, crouch to complete the mission, or taking down the enemies.

VR Tournaments With Prizes

At RezBlue Arena's VR Tournaments, we offer Cash Prize and opportunities for competing worldwide. Local tournaments will be hosted at RezBlue Arena locations.


Besides, RezBlue Arena is also working with other gaming arenas and hosts around the world for competitive teams competing in world tournaments. We also host online VR tournaments for all participants around the world. If you have a VR headset, check out our online VR Tournaments.

VR Tournaments & Esport Tournaments, Des Moines Iowa

Besides running local Virtual Reality Tournaments at our Des Moines, Iowa location, we also partner with Des Moines Gaming Club to have an Esport Gaming Cafe in our VR Arena.


That makes us become the one and only VR & Esport Arena where local gamers come for a social competitive gaming place that you can't find elsewhere in Des Moines, Iowa. We're happy to run Esport tournaments along with the Des Moines Gaming Club. You can click here to check out Esport Tournaments.

RezBlue Virtual Reality Arena, VR Arcade Des Moines, VR Esport Tournaments, Laser Tag, things to do in Des Moines, Iowa
RezBlue VR Arena, Virtual Reality Esport Tournaments, Laser Tag, things to do in Des Moines, VR Arcade Des Moines, Iowa
RezBlue VRArena, Arcade Des Moines, Esport Gaming Cafe, Esport Tournaments, Laser Tag, things to do in Des Moines, Iowa