Virtual Reality Online Tournaments

Besides our local tournaments where participants come to RezBlue Arena's locations for participating in the tournaments, we also host online tournaments that are welcome to players all around the world. So prepare your virtual reality gaming skills for our Online VR Tournaments.


Cash prizes are rewarded to winning individuals and teams. Cash prizes will be varied depending on the game titles and the number of participants.

At the moment, we use some of the sponsorship and the entry ticket fees for our tournament cash prize. Therefore, the more participants will result in the bigger Cash Prize

Participate in VR Online Tournaments?

Currently, participants would have to head over to the RezBlue Arena Battlefy tournament page to register for the tournaments.

We're also working on a dedicated page that is just for Online VR tournaments. Please join the RezBlue Arena Discord channel for coming news and updates.

Also, before participating in our VR online tournaments, please see RezBlue Arena Esport Code of Conduct and RezBlue Arena Tournaments Terms & Conditions.


We are proud to be a part of the VR gaming community as well as participating in the VR Sports sector if the industry. As for the growth of the rising industry, RezBlue Arena is looking for sponsorships to host more successful and bigger VR tournaments.

For sponsorship questions and opportunities, please fill in our contact form by clicking the button below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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