VR Single Player Games

Enjoy our library of popular Room-Scale Single Player gaming experiences. The freedom to move around with untethered, cordless Virtual Reality gives players the immerse that you can't find elsewhere.

Fighting drones out of space, experiencing zero gravity, or standing on top of the highest building in the world. Everything is in front of your eyes.

Hold on, We have more games !!!

Most of our multiplayer VR games that we have in the library can be played with the single-player campaigns. If you're comfortable playing with other online people, that'll be fun as well.

Check out our multiplayer VR library.

Will VR make you sick?

We have a dedicated page for FAQ, you can find out the answer there. The short answer is YES if you get into the wrong experiences.

With a simple explanation, if your game character is moving inside the virtual world while you stay static in real life, your internal ear might feel a disconnect between what your body is sensing and what your eyes are seeing. These differences make you feel dizzy and discomfort.

However, with our advanced VR technology and the number of chosen location-based VR gaming experiences at RezBlue Arena, you will love it without any discomfort feeling. We haven't had any customers that report any discomfort or dizziness when experiencing VR games at our Arena.

Otherwise, we have intense gaming experiences for you.

If you're a gamer, you should be feeling comfortable with the game moving mechanic on Pcs, Xbox, or PlayStation. As a result, you don't have to worry about any motion sickness or dizziness when gaming in VR. We have some other more intense gaming experiences just for you.

Multiplayer vs Single Player

There's nothing better than playing video games with your friends. And you know that it feels even better when taking them down to show who da best. :)

For that reason, it'll be a lot of fun to bring at least another person with you to our VR Arena.