VR Multiplayer Games

At RezBlue Arena, we offer you the best and the most immersive multiplayer competitive VR game titles in the market. We are leading the VR location-based entertainment industry with the most advanced virtual reality technology.

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How many people can play together?

You, your family, and friends can play all together with the variety of multiplayer choices, such as co-op (team up against the enemies) or PvP (players vs players).

Depending on the game title that you want to play with your friends, the number of players that can play together will be varied. Some of the common multiplayer options that we have are:

  • PvP: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3

  • Co-op: 2 to 4 players

Want to Host a Tournament?

With the available VR multiplayer titles that we have in our Virtual Reality Gaming Arena, we can host a tournament for just your party. If you have a party of 8 people or more and want to take down your friends in virtual reality, let's check out our Parties & Events page.

Want to Join our Local VR Tournaments?

We host virtual reality tournaments regularly at our VR Arena for Cash Prize so make sure to check out RezBlue Arena Local VR Tournaments page.

Does RezBlue Arena have PC, Xbox, Playstation Games?

RezBlue Arena is not just a VR Arcade. Our goal is to create a healthy gaming community to connect gamers. We want gamers to leave their computers at home, come to our social gaming place, make new friends, and have fun together.

Therefore, besides Virtual reality gaming experience, we partner with Des Moines Gaming Club to offer gamers other gaming options, PC games, Xbox games, Playstation games, and Nintendo Switch games. Check out Des Moines Gaming Club for more detail.