Frequently Asked Questions

Why do values continue to rise up once the device is connected to power supply?

Due to external problems such as environmental seal and express packaging during transportation, formaldehyde and tVOC have infiltrated into the periphery of the sensor. Please place the device in a well-ventilated environment (such as balcony, window sill, etc.) connected to power supply for more than 1 hour. Once the calibration is completed, it can be used normally.

How to calibrate the product?

First, connect the product to power supply, place in the outdoor air like a balcony, pure and fresh place, make sure the detecting port is in the clean natural air. Second, download and log into the app., connect the device with Bluetooth and click "calibrate" in the Settings to complete the calibration. Third, the environment must avoid perfume, paint, air freshner, cigarettes, alcohol, and other chemical pollutants, to not to damage the sensor.

The test value stays 0 all the time. What is wrong?

The product needs to be calibrated. Please follow the above question to calibrate the sensors.

Why HCHO and tVOC values don't match on different devices in the same room?

First, we choose high sensitivity sensor and micrometer bits shows with the free circulation of dispersive air sampling, indoor air time in circulation, at the same time points into several devices sensors in contact with the detecting port of the air, formaldehyde and tVOC in the air content is different, so the same room, several devices on the detection of different numerical attribute normal phenomenon. The main feature of our product is air monitoring. We suggest you check the historical trend chart. Second, it has to do with the calibration environment. The working mode of Aire Libre Uno is to sample formaldehyde and tVOC contents in outdoor air as the benchmark, and then collect formaldehyde and tVOC contents in indoor air as the comparison. This calibration value has a great correlation with the accuracy of subsequent detection. It is recommended that multiple devices be calibrated in the same environment.

Why is the temperature different?

According to the 'standard of indoor air quality', formaldehyde detection has specific requirements for the environment, and household cannot be artificially controlled well testing environment variable, so the machine built-in temperature sensor, its core function for auxiliary formaldehyde testing, calibration and internal temperature of the sensor detection is machine, individual case will vary with the environment temperature, belongs to the normal phenomenon.

Is long-term monitoring necessary?

Yes, formaldehyde belongs to slow volatilizing gas, existing in furniture, clothing, etc. Therefore, for your health you will need a long-term monitoring of the air quality in your room.

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