Book Online Your VR Gaming Experience

How To Book Your VR Session

To provide you a seamless Virtual Reality gaming experience, we recommend using our online booking system so that you can always be sure that you have your spots ready before coming to our VR Arena, Des Moines Iowa Location.

Simply click on the booking button and choose your booking option, single session, or play package. Choose your time and the number of participants. After that, follow the instruction for single sessions.

With the Play Package, the playtime in the booking system is set for one hour. We make the appropriate adjustment for your group playtime depending on the number of participants and the VR package that you choose.

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Why Purchasing Play Package(s)?

More than 90% of RezBlue Arena's customers prefer purchasing the Play Packages. Here's why

  • The Play Packages provide great value, compared to purchasing single sessions.

  • The higher value package comes with the better saving for you and your group.

  • Playtime can be split with others so that you don't have to purchase multiple sessions.

  • Your playtime will stay with the account that is associated with your email address forever until you use it all up.

  • Get access to the referral program to earn free playtime by referring to friends.

  • Access to our newest competitive multiplayer games

  • Free tickets for local tournaments and ranking leaderboard, Des Moines, Iowa location

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Does RezBlue Arena take Walks-in?

Yes, we do. Walk-ins are always welcome. However, we're trying to provide the best experience for our customers and due to the uncertainty of our availability, please check with us ahead to make sure that we have available spots for you, your friends, and your families. Please call at (515) 657-6967 before heading to the arena.

Soon, we'll have an online solution for you to check the availability of VR gaming spots in our Arena, Des Moines, Iowa Location.

RezBlue VR Arena, Laser Tag Des Moines, VR Arcade Des Moines, Escape Room, and look for things to do in Des Moines, Iowa

More Questions?

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